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Mayur Resources is developing a diversified mineral resources platform in Papua New Guinea – in bulk commodities (heavy mineral sands (magnetite & zircon) and coal) and copper & gold.

Mayur’s mineral resources portfolio covers mineral sands and coal tenure that is favourably located in southern Papua New Guinea with close proximity to the coast and extensive river networks. The copper gold projects occupy highly prospective geology, and are strategically positioned in coastal / island locations adjacent to some of the world’s largest gold and copper deposits.

Mayur’s energy platform involves the development of new power generation facilities that will deliver much needed sustainable, reliable and affordable power for PNG.  These will be delivered as part of Mayur’s Enviro Energy Park (EEP) concept that will utilise traditional and renewable fuel sources (including domestic coal) with the first project planned for PNG’s mayor industrial and port City of Lae. In the longer term, the company’s vision includes development of domestic coal and magnetite deposits into a vertically integrated iron and steel industry in Papua New Guinea.

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