Nation building in Papua New Guinea

Creating opportunities for sustainable economic growth

Building a brighter future for the people of Papua New Guinea

Mayur Resources have the know-how and the right solutions to generate economic growth for PNG, promoting sustainable living and job creation for a cleaner and greener future, delivering a pathway to Nation Building.

Lime & Cement

Cement & Lime

The Central Cement & Lime Project involves development of large scale, high grade lime deposits together with downstream vertical integration opportunities for quicklime, clinker and cement; none of which are currently produced in PNG, hence targeting both import replacement and also penetration of regional export markets.

Economic power generation

Power Generation

Mayur’s power generation platform involves the development of new multi fuel power generation facilities that will deliver much-needed cleaner, more reliable and affordable power for PNG.

Industrial Mineral Sands

Industrial Mineral Sands

Mayur’s industrial minerals portfolio includes the Orokolo Bay Industrial Sands Project that encompasses fine grain construction sands, vanadium titano magnetite (VTM) (iron sands), zircon and other valuable heavy minerals.


Copper and Gold Investment

PNG is regarded as a premier jurisdiction for the discovery of world class copper and gold. Through our 42.8% ownership of Adyton Resources, a Canadian public company listed on the TSXV, Mayur shareholders have exposure to highly prospective assets with strong growth potential.

By unlocking PNG’s wealth of natural resources we are creating a blueprint for economic growth that underpins social development for a sustainable future.

Working with the community of PNG

Giving back to the community is an important part of what we do, we aim to improve the lives of the people of PNG not just through our project development work but also through our community engagement programs.

Working with the community of PNG

Creating employment opportunities and wealth creation

By unlocking the potential of PNG we aim to add value to the nation’s vast mineral and energy resources via downstream vertical integration opportunities.

Creating employment opportunities and wealth creation