Nation building in Papua New Guinea

Central Cement & Lime Project.

A high quality, execution ready project.

Developing Asia Pacific’s first carbon-neutral quicklime, clinker and cement project for supply to PNG, Australia and the South Pacific at much lower cost than Asian exporters.

Mayur’s Central Cement and Lime (CCL) Project is a vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has the potential to meet 100% of PNG’s cement, clinker and quicklime requirements, with exports into the Australasian region, thereby displacing Asian imports into the region.

Located on the coast, 25km north of the national capital, Port Moresby, and 7km from the Exxon’s PNG LNG facility, the project’s co-located quarry, plant site and deep draft wharf will enable very low operating costs while providing direct access to both seaborne domestic and export markets such as Australia and other South Pacific nations.

The project has also been granted Special Economic Zone status, confirming its support from local authorities and securing a range of concessions including tax relief and duty exemptions, which significantly strengthen financial outcomes.


The PNG Government awarded Mayur an unprecedented 20-year Mining Lease for the project in August 2020 and the company is in advanced discussions with a shortlist of large scale international strategic investors looking for a stake in a project.

 Offtake letters of support for Mayur’s quicklime have now exceeded the initial 400,000tpa nameplate capacity of the CCL Project. A letter of support for up to 150,000tpa has added to Mayur’s existing order book for 266,000tpa of quicklime and hydrated lime products. Receipt of a formal expression of interest to supply up to 700,000tpa of high-grade limestone ensures offtake milestones have now been reached for Phase 1.

The company has decided to deliver the project in two phases starting with a Phase 1 Quicklime plant. The Phase 2 clinker and cement facilities will be developed thereafter.


JORC Resource

382 Mt


Phase 1


<0.6 Mtpa

Forecast production



0.7 Mtpa

Forecast production

Phase 2


0.82 Mtpa

Forecast production



0.9 Mtpa

Forecast production

Close proximity to key markets

Mayur’s CCL Project has domestic and export freight advantages and is significantly closer to customers in Australia and the South Pacific than other seaborne supply.

Clear roadmap to decarbonisation.

Mayur’s CCL Project is seeking to become Asia Pacific’s first carbon-neutral cement and lime producer.

Lime is in demand – A critical mineral for the modern world.