Nation building in Papua New Guinea

Nation Building

Mayur Resources is in a unique position to help deliver the key building blocks for Nation Building in PNG through our know-how and the application of world class technology.

Cement, steel and power are fundamental to nation building. PNG needs to develop its industrial sector and reduce its reliance on expensive imports. Electrification is only the first step, once connected it needs to be affordable and reliable. The energy we will produce will drive economic growth and power a brighter future. We are committed to nation Building for the people of PNG.

The key enabling building blocks for Nation Building


The only way for PNG to develop its full potential and pull itself out of poverty is via a diversified energy mix and the provision of affordable reliable power.

Business and Government must take responsibility to provide cheap reliable power and not wait for the demand to come.


The fundamental ingredient for building is cement. PNG has the natural resources and an able bodied workforce to make this happen.

By providing cheap, reliable and clean energy we can improve infrastructure and develop wealth creation industries.


There is currently no iron or steel manufacturer in PNG. Mayur has access to iron and coal resources with the potential to utilise a new domestic DRI/steel making facility bringing in 1000’s of jobs.


Lime is one of the earliest industrial commodities and remains a fundamental raw material in many industrial value chains. With no economical substitute for lime – it can only be replaced by expensive synthetic materials in most, if not all applications. Mayur’s world class lime project in PNG aims to supply these industries.