Nation building in Papua New Guinea

Nation Building

Mayur Resources is delivering the building blocks for PNG’s nation building agenda through the development of cement and lime, iron and industrial sands, and renewable energy projects.

01 Cement & Lime


Cement is a critical input for building and construction sectors while lime is a fundamental raw material in many industrial value chains including mining. PNG is currently reliant on imports for both these key nation building commodities. Mayur’s world class Central Cement and Lime Project will enable PNG to be self sufficient in cement and lime.

02 Iron & Industrial Sands


Mayur Iron’s portfolio will seek to produce titano-magnetite for producing iron and titanium, construction sand for use in making concrete and zircon-rich heavy mineral concetrate for use in foundry applications and refractories. 

03 Renewables


A sustainable, affordable and reliable power supply enables economic growth and provides energy security. Mayur is seeking to harness a range of energy and power generation opportunities that will improve access to electricity for both industry and domestic use in PNG

By unlocking PNG’s wealth of natural resources we are creating a blueprint for economic growth that underpins social development for a sustainable future.

Working with the community of PNG

Giving back to the community is an important part of what we do, we aim to improve the lives of the people of PNG not just through our project development work but also through our community engagement programs.

Working with the community of PNG

Creating employment opportunities and wealth creation

By unlocking the potential of PNG we aim to add value to the nation’s vast mineral and energy resources via downstream vertical integration opportunities.

Creating employment opportunities and wealth creation