Nation building in Papua New Guinea

Mayur is constructing a renewable energy portfolio of solar, geothermal, carbon mitigation, and battery storage in Papua New Guinea.

Three key focus areas.

Solar and battery storage


Forestry Carbon Offsets

Mayur Renewables is developing a portfolio of opportunities that will enable the decarbonisation of Mayur’s flagship projects and provide significant surplus to serve the massive growth demand for renewables and the path to net zero. Mayur’s renewables portfolio has been established to focus on identified renewable power and carbon mitigation opportunities in PNG and the Pacific Region.

A VECKTA study identified +500 megawatts (MW) of solar PV potential within the 52km2 area of the Special Economic Zone, in which the Central Cement & Lime Project resides.

The potential size and scale of our various renewable opportunities not only caters for the requirements of our existing project portfolio, but also offers potential to monetise the excess renewable capacity, whether in the form of solar or geothermal power or excess carbon credits.

Lae Power Project

Mayur’s EEP power project is located in Lae, the country’s industrial and manufacturing hub in Morobe Province. The current status is as follows:

  • DFS complete – 52.5MW (net) power facility at the Port of Lae (future scalability to 200MW);
  • Triplicated Fuel Source – secured;
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – submitted to PNG Power (currently under review);
  • Site selected – lease with PNG Ports at Lae Tidal Basin;
  • Environmental Approval – secured from the Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority (CEPA);
  • Sustainable Energy Research Institute (SERI) – JV executed with UNITECH;
  • International and Local EPC – construction bids received.

Location of proposed Lae EEP at Lae Tidal Basin

Render of the Lae EEP – a modern, multifuel power station for Lae